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fobanners's Journal

Friends Only Banners
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Welcome to the brand new community, fobanners! This is a community where you can post your friends only banners for the public to use. Please read and act upon the following rules.


- Post all friends only banners under an LJ-cut. Yes. All. Even if it is just one. It is common curtesy, seeing that these banners can be quite large in size. We wouldn't want it to clutter up your friends page, would we?

- You are allowed to make requests. However, it depends on the members of the community if they want to fufill that request. =)

- Save to your own server! Directing linking is evil, so save the banners onto your own harddrive and upload them to your own webspace. There are a bunch of free places on the internet that let you direct link, just look for them.

- Giving credit or not is decided by the maker. Specify in your entry if your banners require credit or not. You MUST give credit if the banner maker says to.

- PARTICIPATE! We do not want a dead community, do we? Whether it is making and posting friends only banners or just commenting, p-a-r-t-i-c-i-p-a-t-e.

- Be respectful. Because nobody likes a rude person.

Enjoy the community and all it has to offer!

Created and moderated by ernnlaties